Leader Mindset Government

LEADER MINDSET GOVERMENT (for government leaders)  

The course applies NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) combined with Coaching in order to establish a leadership style, geared to building staff portrait mode

  • Defining "Mindset" (patterns) of a standard leader based on the requirements of the global Standard capacity
  • Connecting people’s thoughts, directing them towards the same goals and together solving the ethnic problems
  • Stimulating new thinking capabilities and changing to embrace changes
  • Improving thinking, leadership and management skills in the unit
  • Understanding the patterns of leadership and modern management
  • Becoming aware of the strategy- building models for provinces, departments, branches and applying admin tools based on modern BSC strategies
  • Becoming aware of the methods and models of governance and implementating the strategies of the nation, provinces, departments and branches.
Training courses are led by expert trainers in leadership abilities
(Leadership/Executive Coach) in the Marshall Goldsmith Global Coaching network Stakeholder Centered Coaching; Master Balanced Scorecard Professional certified by the US Association for Balanced Scorecard and University of Washington in the United States; Expert Leadership Coaching certified by the Center for Executive Coaching (CEC).

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