The following alarming world-wide practical statistics will make every leader quite concerned and need to reflect if they desire to develop their corporation to a new level in general, or a global level in particular…

  • Only 30% of change management or restructuring programs are successful (Leading Change, John Kotter) – based on a survey of more than 3,199 senior executives worldwide, just one out of every three management change projects was successful. Furthermore, the McKinsey Quarterly (2009, Number 2) conducted interviews with more than 1,500 leaders about the organizational change process on a worldwide scale, and the result was similar, with a 60% failure rate (IBM Global Business Services, Better Change in a Challenging Economy, 2009).​
  • Only 20% of Human Resources Managers are satisfied with their leadership development programs (The Corporate Leadership Council).
  • Only 16% of succession planning projects are successful (National Association of Corporate Directors).
  • In Vietnam, only 3 out of 6 companies have formally made announcements to the press about leadership transitions that resulted in failure; the other 3 still remain “silent”. 
  • 95% of TOPPION Coaching & Consulting Group’s clients stated that they were not happy with their previous training programs and feel that the results did not match the time and money that they had invested.
  • 98% of CEOs in a survey conducted by TOPPION responded that they hesitate to use restructuring or organizational change consulting services as they are not sure about the outcomes.
With a desire to enable leaders and corporations to truly overcome the above-mentioned challenges in reality, the TOPPION Group has spent eight years in intellectual investment doing research and learning from the most prestigious and state-of-the-art institutions and experts in the world regarding Mindset, Training, Coaching, Consulting and Executing, such as the American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), the Balanced Scorecard Institute, the Six Seconds EQ Coaching Network, the International Coach Federation, and Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching. Next, TOPPION has integrated those techniques into a unique method for training and execution consulting known as MTC - RESULT® (Mindset - Training - Coaching & Consulting), implemented by a team of experts with strong capabilities in practical application.



Mindset - According to the analysis of experts in human behavior psychology and NLP at the American Board of NLP, every human has a "Mindset" which is reflected through values, beliefs, principles, physical states, thoughts, feelings, and references (established from education, movies, family, experiences, living and working environments, etc.), as well as sub-conscious self-talk. This Mindset determines the way a leader makes decisions, and guides their daily actions and behaviors.​

Therefore, the prerequisite to enhance the organizational “level” is firstly to raise the leadership “level” of the leader and the middle managers, which can be simply understood as “the leader changes and practices his leadership-benchmark-aiming behaviors on a daily basis”. For that reason, TOPPION needs to have special psychological training programs to transform the mindset of leaders and their middle managers, applying NLP techniques from the American Board of NLP before starting any restructuring or organizational change projects.​ 

Training - In parallel with the mindset transformation process, it is very important to update and equip senior executives with advanced core knowledge of management, leadership, operations, technology, etc. in order to enable them to keep up with the rapid developments in today’s globalized world. ​

Consulting & Coaching - Together with deeply transformed perceptions of the mindset is the formation process of new behaviors, which requires adequate repetition to take good shape. TOPPION has to ensure that the newly perceived behaviors have been formed strongly enough to gradually replace deep-rooted old habits. This progress takes place thanks to the combination of various coaching techniques such as the methods of Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching, the EQ Coaching of Six Seconds, and the International Coach Federation (ICF). The three most vital elements of a successful coaching progress should be:

  • The identification of new behaviors for senior executives in order to match their future image and the requirements of the corporation.
  • TOPPION’s consulting process for strategic and systematic thinking includes vision, mission, core values, core competencies (competitive advantages), medium- and long-term strategies, strategy maps, Key Strategic Initiatives (KSI), Key Result Indicators (KRI) and Key Performance Indicators (KPI), especially initiatives regarding human resources, processes, technology, etc.
  • The process of successful formation and implementation of six “key tools” called the “Six Transforming Factors Model” is used to create practical change in perceptions as well as behaviors. Besides this, coaching execution ability for key players helps to turn theories into practice. 

Results Assessment System – All stages including Mindset, Training, Coaching and Consulting will be evaluated by our results assessment system in order to guarantee TOPPION’s business philosophy: “No Change – No Pay”.