• The TOPPION's experts have combined three effective schools/methods/approaches in the present world (NLP, Behavioral Coaching and Emotional Intelligence Coaching) to design the coaching model of 9S. We call this program CEO SUCCESSION COACHING (coaching delivered by the Marshall Goldsmith model).
  • The program is conducted by experts based on the world's leading coaching standards and certified by the Association of the United States, the Association of ABNLP BSC USA, International Coaching Federation (ICF), the world's leading coaching organization about EQ-Sixseconds, and in particular with the involvement of expert coaching in the global network of Marshall Goldsmith's Coaching, the world's leading organization of coaching for CEOs of Top 1000 leading FIRMS in the world.
In addition, CEO SUCCESSION Coaching is also built on a sustainable platform creating continuity for clients - a model developing leadership capacity - Leadership Development Model.



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