Leadership Challenges

Marshall GoldSmith
The major challenge of most executives is
NOT understanding the pratice of leadership
BUT practicing their understanding of leadership.
Marshall GoldSmith World's #1 Leadership Thinker
Peter Drucker
We spend a lot of time teaching leaders WHAT TO DO. We don't spend enough time teaching leaders WHAT TO STOP. Half the leaders i have met don't need to learn what to do. They need to learn what to stop.
Peter Drucker Father of Modern Management Theory
You are a business LEADER; you have attended many training courses on Leadership and being a CEO, both domestically and internationally. On a scale of 1 to 10, you can reach a score of over 8 in terms of knowledge (awareness) of leadership and the necessary skills of a leader. But, in terms of your real leadership while working as a leader, what might the score be? …And what creates this gap?

We seem to know everything, but we often do not put it into use. What is behind this difference? Do we really know what leadership is and which skills and qualities are necessary for a leader? And, why are we still unable to transform what we know into the real behavior and demeanor of a true leader?

If our leadership ability really reaches a score of 10/10, whether or not we have enough tools, “class” and a Leader Mindset are needed to be able to face and overcome the following challenges:
  • In 2012, Forbes cited a study, in which, with 20,000 appointed leaders, 46% of those failed within six months, of which 89% was due to the leadership attitudes and behaviors, and for 11% it was because of a lack of skills.
  • Only 30% of change management or restructuring programs are successful (Leading Change, John Kotter) – based on a survey of more than 3,199 senior executives worldwide, just one out of every three management change projects was successful. Furthermore, the McKinsey Quarterly (2009, Number 2) conducted interviews with more than 1,500 leaders about the organizational change process on a worldwide scale, and the result was similar, with a 60% failure rate (IBM Global Business Services, Better Change in a Challenging Economy, 2009).​
  • Only 20% of HR Managers are satisfied with their leadership development programs (The Corporate Leadership Council).
  • Only 16% of succession planning projects are successful (National Association of Corporate Directors).
  • 80% of the leaders who joined TOPPION training courses have at least one blind spot. The other 20% have a very high level of self-awareness; they do realize their inefficient behaviors, yet do not know how to change them, or they have tried to change them, but not successfully.
  • Business culture has been a topic for more than 15 years in Vietnam, but currently there is still no specific formula to help leaders build an effective business culture.
  • In Vietnam, only 3 out of 6 companies have formally made announcements to the press about leadership transitions that resulted in failure; the other 3 still remain “silent”. 
  • 95% of TOPPION Coaching & Consulting Group’s clients stated that they were not happy with their previous training programs and feel that the results did not match the time and money that they had invested.
  • 98% of CEOs in a survey conducted by TOPPION responded that they hesitate to use restructuring or organizational change consulting services as they are not sure about the outcomes.

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